Post-operative rehabilitation after surgical shoulder stabilization with Latarjet procedure: a study protocol for systematic scoping review


  • Stefanos Karanasios Department of Physiotherapy, School of Health and Care Sciences, University of West Attica, Aigaleo, Greece
  • Sophia Zepou Hellenic OMT eDu, Athens, Greece
  • Nafsika Atsidakou Hellenic OMT eDu, Athens, Greece



Glenohumeral dislocation, Glenohumeral instability, Anterior shoulder instability, Rehabilitation exercises


Background: Anterior shoulder instability (ASI) is highly prevalent in the general population causing a significant functional decline and increased healthcare burden. Among the surgical stabilization options, the Latarjet procedure is commonly preferred to treat traumatic ASI in young active individuals. Despite the advances in surgical procedures, the research evidence regarding the content of post-operative rehabilitation programmes following a Latarjet procedure for ASI is inconclusive.

Methods: This protocol will adhere on the preferred reporting items for systemic reviews and meta-analyses extension for scoping reviews (PRISMA-ScR) and the Joanna Briggs Institute guidelines. MEDLINE, OvidSP, Embase, Cochrane Library, CINAHL, PubMed, SPORTS Discus and Scopus databases will be searched for relevant studies. Two reviewers will independently screen the results against the eligibility criteria defined by the population concept and context of this scoping review. A PRISMA-ScR flow diagram will be used to present the number of sources of evidence identified. The two reviewers will extract the data aiming to synthesize the results in appropriate tables. The most relevant details of the post-operative rehabilitation programmes will be presented based on consensus on exercise reporting template checklist.

Conclusions: This scoping review can provide critical information regarding the content of the post-operative rehabilitation programmes after shoulder stabilization with a Latarjet procedure in patients with ASI.


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