Platelet rich plasma or platelet rich fibrin: which is better in post extraction immediate implant placement followed by immediate loading?

Swapnil Sachan, Varun Kumar, Shruti Mehta, Deepali Sharma, Prashant Singh, Pankaj S. Kushwah, Kannu Sharma


Background: The study aimed to compare the clinical efficacy of platelet rich plasma (PRP) and platelet rich fibrin (PRF) used with phosphosilicate putty during immediate post extraction implant placement and immediate loading.

Methods: A prospective comparative clinical study was conducted on 20 adults. Two groups were made with 10 patients in each by random selection. Each patient required tooth extraction and replacement with immediate implantation and immediate loading. In Group 1 PRP was prepared from the patient's blood, mixed with alloplastic graft, and packed in peri-implant space and similarly in Group 2 PRF was prepared from the patient's blood and mixed with alloplastic graft in peri-implant space. All the patients were evaluated for postoperative pain, soft tissue analysis, implant mobility, and crestal bone height changes were observed for up to 6 months, using paired/independent t-test, and Chi-square test.

Results: It was seen that for pain on 1st postop day Group 1 had shown superior results than Group 2 after 7 days both groups showed good soft tissue healing. No significant difference was found in both groups when seen for implant mobility. The difference in crestal bone height gain in the first 3 months of Group 2 showed a remarkable height gain than in Group 1. And at 6th month overall crestal height gain difference between both groups was non-significant.

Conclusions: The autologous PRF can present new possibilities for enhanced healing and functional recovery over PRP during immediate post extractive implantation and immediate loading.


Immediate implants, Immediate loading, PRP, PRF

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