Clinical research education: a mini-review of the available opportunities for future and current clinical trial managers


  • Veljko Kopjar Clinical Development, Clinipace Inc, Morrisville, North Carolina, USA



Education, Six sigma, Agile, Trials, Management, Credentials


Various for-profit as well as not-for-profit organizations offer educational opportunities for project managers. Often, these are generic (not industry-specific) as the goal is to attract a wide audience of students. Examples include Six Sigma and the Project Management Professional ® program. Although students may be granted an opportunity to research their own industry as part of the curriculum, these programs generally do not focus on clinical research project management skills in particular. Therefore, it can be difficult for Clinical study managers/clinical project managers, and others within the clinical research field, to find appropriate training opportunities. This aim of the study was to provide valuable information on some of the primary available educational opportunities that exist for those entering the clinical research management workforce, or who are otherwise interested in expanding their knowledge in this field.

Author Biography

Veljko Kopjar, Clinical Development, Clinipace Inc, Morrisville, North Carolina, USA

Director, Clinical Development



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