Clinical trial ethics in Turkey in the context of some expectations and predictions


  • Nüket Örnek Büken Department of Medical Ethics, Hacettepe University, Faculty of Medicine, Ankara, Turkey



Clinical Trial, Ethics, Turkey, Biological Material of Human Origin


Why is so much attention now being given to the ethics of clinical trial? Why does debate continue over the ethics and regulation of research involving human subjects? Are there societal duties to support the conduct of clinical research? Why was this protocol good enough for X, or Y, or Z, but not good enough for this university or institution? What is the rationale for public bioethics? As shown even though all the rights and obligations of all parties of clinical trial – the researching physician, the volunteering patient, the industry, research institution-  have been assured with ethico-legal regulations, there still exist many problems in the world of clinical research, and suggestions of solutions to the said problems. It is obvious that medical trials on human beings, on the one hand, accelerate developments in medicine and offer benefits for the present and future generations, but on the other hand, they can lead to acts that may endanger human dignity and human value. The objective of this paper is to discuss the rights of human subjects  in clinical drug trials; to review the researcher-physician/subject-patients relationship from several aspects; to consider the dynamics which exist in this relation; and to reach some practical solutions that might be conveyed to the applications in the context of medical ethics in Turkey.


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