• Fast track publication

    Fast track publication service is provided to shorten the time to decision and publication. Authors if they wish can have their article published as Online First (Articles in Press) within 2 weeks of manuscript submission (Conditional to acceptance and author does prompt corrections).

    Online First (Articles in Press) Articles are accepted, peer reviewed manuscripts, and are citable by the digital object identifier (DOI) assigned at the time of online publication.
    (For example, PubMed Style: Lajoie AC, Lafontaine AL, Leonard G, KimoffRJ, Benedetti A, Robinson AR, et al. Cognition and obstructive sleep apnoea in Parkinson’s disease, effect of positive airway pressure therapy (COPE-PAP trial): protocol of a randomized controlled trial. Int J Clin Trials. doi:

    If you wish to use fast track publication service, please submit your manuscript and write to editor with manuscript ID at or contact the editorial office: +91-8128027277 (WhatsApp).

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